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Building Pathology: The Science Behind Why Buildings Fail

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Take a closer look at building pathology causes, effects, and solutions

In the built environment, with all of the different building materials used, environmental conditions, and other factors, there are countless possibilities for error. Essentially, no two structures will ever be exactly the same. The best way to deal with this, and minimise failure, is with a clear understanding of building pathology.
On this six-week course from Universiti Malaya, you’ll learn the science behind building defects, including how to diagnose and deal with them. By the end, you’ll be ready to take on any building pathology you are faced with.

Delve into the science of building pathology

This course gives you a solid foundation in everything that can go wrong with a building’s structure, stability, and longevity. You’ll learn the scientific explanations for problems with various building materials, design, and other issues. Accredited by both the Royal Institute of Surveyors Malaysia and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors UK, Universiti Malaya also has a staff of seasoned experts eager to impart their knowledge. Overall, the University will support your studies as strongly as a well-constructed building!


Dr. Zahiruddin Fitri Abu Hassan
Faculty of Built Environment